Friday, 22 March 2013

Exciting Times

So, I’ve been working on two projects simultaneously for the last couple of months.  Firstly, I’ve been doing the final final edits on my MS.  I wasn’t going to do another round of edits, but I discovered a few flaws just before I sent the first three chapters out to a few carefully selected agents.  After making the first three chapters even more sparkly, I have been slowly going through the rest of the MS, just in case I get a request for the rest of the book. 

In between doing these remaining edits, I’ve been working on the first draft of the new book. 

When I originally came up with the idea and mapped it out, I was really excited.  But, when it came to writing the story out in full, I seem to have struggled in the excitement department.  All sorts of doubts have nagged away at me, and I started to wonder whether the story should be allowed to see the light of day, or whether it would be better for it to stay trapped inside my head, free from the harsh glare of potential readers.

That was up until yesterday.

Ysterday, I finally completed round 10 of edits, and I know that without the help of an editor, I cannot make it any better than it now is.  I have finally laid the story to rest.  Having reached this conclusion, I picked up the new WIP and started to write the next bit.  And then I realised, I LOVE THIS STORY!  Having finally stepped away from the two years of being immersed in the finished book, I can now let the new one take centre stage. 

The problem was that I knew the old book inside out.  I knew how every character felt, how they talked, moved, racted, and generally lived.  The new book and characters are only just starting out.  Although I know what happens in the grand scheme of things, I haven’t been through the experience with them yet.  How could they compete with the old ones?

With the added bonus of getting my old writing routine back on track, I’m really looking forward to the new journey ahead.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

It's finally here! - Strength by Carrie Butler

It feels like I've been waiting for this day for ever.  Carrie Butler's d├ębut NA novel Strength is released today.

I was lucky enough to play a small part in Carrie's journey when I offered to do a critique while she was in the final stages of completing her work.  Since then, apart from offering words of encouragement, and doing the excited bit to counter her worrying bit, I've sat back and watched her journey from querying to getting her book deal, and now finally it's release.

Usually, I tend to keep my opinions about books to myself, as there are people out there who are far better at extolling the wonders of a novel than I am, and unless I know your tastes, what I may find exciting may not be your cup of tea.  Today, however, I'm not keeping quiet.  Having been privileged to have read this book already, I am so fired up about the excellent characters, and the intriguing plot that keeps you guessing all the way through, that all I have to say is: YOU MUST BUY THIS BOOK!

Yes!  It is that good.  Let's face it, I'm a bloke, and paranormal romance is not really where my taste's lie, but there is so much depth to the whole package that it kept me riveted.  A year on from reading it, and the Rena and Wallace are still with me.

Well, enough of me bleating on, here's what you all really need to know:

Series: Mark of Nexus - Book 1
Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing
Category: New Adult (NA)
Genre: Paranormal Romance (PNR)
Release Date: March 07, 2013
Formats: E-Book & Paperback
Paperback ISBN: 9781938404351
E-book ISBN: 9781938404368

When college student Rena Collins finds herself nose-to-chest with the campus outcast, her rumor-laced notions are shattered. Handsome, considerate, and seemingly sane, Wallace Blake doesn’t look like he spends his nights alone, screaming and banging on the walls of his dorm room. Hell, he doesn’t look like he spends his nights alone, period.

Too curious for her own good, Rena vows to uncover the truth behind Wallace’s madman reputation—and how two seconds of contact had left her with bruises. Of course, there are a few minor setbacks along the way: guilt, admiration, feelings of the warm and fuzzy variety…

Not to mention the unwanted attention of Wallace's powerful, supernaturally-gifted family.

They’re a bloodline divided by opposing ideals, two soon-to-be warring factions that live in secret among us. When Rena ends up caught in their crossfire, Wallace has no choice but to save her by using his powers. Now they’re really in trouble. With war on the horizon and Rena’s life in the balance, he needs to put some distance between them. But Rena won’t let go. If fighting is what it takes to prove her own strength and keep Wallace in her life, then that’s what she’ll do—even if it means risking a whole lot more than her heart.

I would like to stay and chat a bit longer, but I know you need to dash to the shops to pick up your copy.  Also, I need to get ready for the virtual release party.  Hopefully there's cake :o)