Sunday, 7 April 2013

The TBR List vs The TBW List

Like majority of you, I've steadily been increasing my To-Be-Read list over the years.

The books broadly fall into three categories:

1)  Books I need to read for research purposed, to see what's current, what works well in terms if style, and pace, etc.  (Admittedly, this also falls under the pleasure category too, but If I'm honest about it, then all books fall under the pleasure category.)

2)  Books  that help me with my craft.  Editing, etc.

3)  Books that I want to read because they are calling out to me to be read.  They aren't in the MG/YA range, but (as you know) just need to be read.

I know you're all probably rolling your eyes about now, and thinking 'Tell us something we don't already know about a TBR list.' and I don't blame you.  I'd be rolling my eyes too if I was you.

If you're still with me, here's the point where I get to the real reason for this post.  This morning, I woke up with a new book idea firmly planted in my head.  The main points are there, and all it needs is a bit of work to tease the details out.  On the whole, the story is there waiting to be written.

Obviously, I jumped out of bed and noted it all down to ensure that nothing is lost.  It then occurred to me that this is one of a few ideas that I have sitting in a virtual pile waiting to be fleshed out and written.  A To-Be-Written list of you like.  It turns out that there are nine books on the list.  These are (imho) strong stories that have outlines written down, and just need to be filled out and given life.  There are also a further two that are hints of ideas that, given a bit of thought could also end up on the TBW pile. 

All I need now is someone to volunteer to go to work for me, do the household chores, and invent a pc that turns thoughts into typed words so I can get the pile into a manageable state. Any offers?

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  1. Nine?! That's impressive!!

    And yep. On ebay, I totally found a machine that gives me the ability to make all my non-writing responsibilities magically get done, leaving me able to sit at my computer and think of my story while it types. IT HAS BEEN A LIFE-CHANGER! I couldn't live without it now. You should definitely keep your eye out for one.