Monday, 17 September 2012

Taking the plunge

After a month of putting off the inevitable, kidding myself that one more edit was needed, I finally sent my MS, Odd Squad, off to three agencies.
This was one of the oddest experiences I've had in a long time.  In the past I've never had had a problem submitting my work, but that was because I had absolute faith in myself, and massive gaps in my knowledge of what turns a good story into a page turner.
This time, I have invested a great deal of extra time and effort into making it the best I can.  I've applied everything I've learnt, and polished it until it shines. 
In putting the extra effort into my MS, it's made me aware of how far I still have to go in improving my craft, and the doubts have started to creep in on whether my best is good enough to get me onto the first rung of the ladder.  I guess that only time will tell.
The new challenge for me, is to let this one go (for now) and start on the next project.  Do I continue with the sequel to Odd Squad, re-pick up Ghost School, now I've learnt to fix the issues I had with it, or start on one of the half a dozen other ideas that are knocking on the door?
I'll let you know what I choose next week.
Now that I've finished rambling, what about you guys?  Where are you with your current projects?

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