Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Late to the Party

I’m a bit late to the party with this years NanoReviMo. 

For those of you who aren’t aware, last year, a bunch of us decided that we weren’t in a position to do the NanoWriMo, as we were knee deep in revisions.   This prompted Peggy to spearhead the Revision month as an alternative.

To have everyone giving inspiring updates, and posting the last lines that they edited, it spurred me (and hopefully the rest of the group) on to work harder than I probably would have at the time.

This year, Jessie has volunteered to put her head above the parapet and lead us all in our revision quests.  At the start of the month, I was already testing the water with querying my MS, and had started the first draft of a new project, and decided to be a fly on the wall and be inspired by everyone else.

This morning, I re-read the first page of Odd Squad, the MS I’ve been sending out. And didn’t feel draw into the story.  It felt like it was a series of statements than a story.

So... I’m throwing myself into the revisions group as a participant after all.  My goal is to make the story flow more smoothly before the end of the month.


  1. Iain, I loved reading this. I had a very similar experience with the MS I originally tried to send out (and ultimate had rejected...repeatedly). After letting it sit in dejected hiding for several months, I'm pulling it out this month for revision. I squirm to think of what I sent out. But I believe in the project and premise to reinvest in its creation. Glad to be on this journey with you.

  2. SWEET! Good luck! I'm hoping to be doing this next year! Keep us posted on your progress. :)

  3. Good for you! I hope this month goes well for you, Iain!

  4. I hope it went well for you! Can't wait for the update :)

  5. I'm just here to point out that it's been 2 1/2 months since you updated your blog. :)