Friday, 6 January 2012

Awesome Presents

I'm usually quite reserved when it comes to describing thing as amazing, or fantastic, or awesome, as I feel that if I over use the word, it becomes the norm, and loses it’s impact.
With this in mind, I have to say that there are two writing presents that I received at Christmas, that I feel compelled to describe as AWESOME!
The first is a digital pen from my wife.  For those of you who haven't encountered these, they consist of a pen, and a small receiver that you clip to the top of your pad.  Then you write!  When you are done, you connect the receiver to your pc, and upload the file that it's created, and… taadaaa! Your handwriting or drawing is displayed on the screen, ready for you.  Now comes the really cool bit.  You can now convert the handwriting into typed text.  I know!  It blew me away when I first did this.  It will make note taking, or scribbling out new bits for my WIP so much easier now that I don't have to type them up later.  And, at 3:30 in the morning, any notes of inspiration that I make can be uploaded in the morning!

The second item that I'm well chuffed about is a notebook that my daughter got me from

It's just a lined notepad, but the cover is just wicked!

Did you guys get anything that you just have to jump up and down and tell people about?


  1. A digital pen? That is freaking awesome!! I may have to find one now... I got a pink Kindle cover from my hubby. I love it. Now I don't have to worry about taking my Kindle with me and scratching it! :) I know. Not very exciting, but I was excited! Oh, and I got a toaster with 4 slots. YAY! Now my kids don't have to wait forever for their toast in the morning! ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. How is it that I have NOT heard of these digital pens? WOW! They sound so AWESOME! I hope you can feel the envy spilling through the computer.

    Also - thanks for the email! I will get back to you soon! YAY! So, excited :)

  3. OMG I need that pen!! I usually write everything out then type it up. Oh, and I think that notebook cover is wicked too.

  4. The notebook IS awesome. My sister bought me a new copy of The Scarlet Letter. It made me cry because it's my favorite book.

  5. Your gifts sound awesome! :)

    I received things like a Kindle, books on editing, and little, tiny bottles of rum. I think there might have been a hidden message there... *grins*

  6. Chantelle - Kindle covers are good. It's easy ro damage them. 4 slot toasters are the bees knees, it saves all that waiting time :o)

    Leigh - Awesome is the best word to describe it. I can feel th eenvy, but I can completely understand it ;o)

    Jenny - It's going to save me soooooo much time :o)

    Emily - It's great when there's some thought behind the presents, isn't it :o)

    Carrie - Were the books on editing kindle versions? And, make sure your bobblehead doesn't see you drinking the rum. I'm sure he'll give you disapproving looks.