Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Lonely fun.

I have to admit, I'm loving editing my book. 
I used to find this a real chore.  Getting the story out, and watching the plot flow from my head into hard copy, was the part that gave me a real buzz.  I used to read about how people loved editing their work. That they loved the chopping bits out, re-writing whole sections, etc,  and I used to think that I couldn't think of anything more arduous. 
But now, I have a whole new view of editing.  I understand the need for it now.  That it's about making the book a 'page turner', rather than an just a series of events that are written in some kind of order.  I am now questioning every event.  Is it necessary?  Does it drive the plot forwards?  Is it in the right place?  Is it the best way of showing what the hero is experiencing?
Every time I come up with an answer to a bit that I'm unsure about, I want to jump up and down and tell anyone who will listen.
And this in itself is a new problem.  At this stage in my writing career, no one cares that the plot has been strengthened with the addition of a new chapter, or that I've just solved a problem that I didn't think had a solution.
I've now taken telling myself, which makes me feel that this is going to be a much improved book.
Writing truly is a lonely profession.

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