Monday, 26 September 2011

On the finishing straight

For the last week, I've been concentrating on finishing my fourth book.  It's been coming along steadily for the past few months, and it's been pouring out of me in a barely controlled flood.  At times I've struggled to keep up.
My journey home usually takes just over an hour, and with my past books, by the time I've re-read the previous day's writing, and got my head back into the story, I foujnd that I'd usually managed to produce 300 - 350 words.  This probably isn't that fast a rate, but it seems to be the speed that it would flow out of me.
With this book, after I was a third of the way into it, I appear to have stepped up a gear.  I didn't have to think about what was coming out. It's like the sentences were already formed, and all I needed to do was type them.  Now, I found that every evening I was churning out 500 - 600 words.  Additional conflicts, and emotions were turning up where I didn't expect them, and as the story developed, I became more excited and half wondered if I was going to be able to stick to the original plot line. (I did, but sometimes I arrived at the key plot points from a different angle).
On Friday, I reached the start of the last chapter.  All I needed to do was tie up the loose ends. 
Even though I knew what I needed to write, I couldn't find the words.  I found that I typed a sentence, and then deleted it.  Repeatedly.
The chapter has been screaming at me all weekend.  It needs to be written, and won't give me any peace until I commit it to paper (ok... my laptop).
I took the drastic action of going out lunch time with my laptop to see if I could break the ice, and at least get the first sentence written.  I sat there, looking at the screen, and was amazed to find that it was all there, queued up, waiting for my fingers to start moving on the keyboard. 
750 words later, I had to reluctantly stop.  It was time to return to the office. 
I know I'm on the finishing straight for getting the story told.  But, it's also the starting line for the first edit.  I have to confess, I'm really excited about tightening this one up.


  1. Whoa! That was great to hear about your writing gung-ho-ness for this book! I sure wish my story would come pouring out of me like it does for you. I read other writers say stuff like this and I think, What? No fair! You see, I'm a slow writer - but oh well, I'm having fun doing it. I'll just keep writing at my own pace. Maybe when I get to my fourth book, I'll get to experience what you are now. I'm almost finished with my second novel (first draft) and it's a fantastic feeling. I just love this writing stuff, don't you?!

    Thanks for hanging out at my blog and following me! It's so great to meet you!

  2. Indeed! I am also a slow writer - it took me almost two years to finish my novel (and it's only my first one). I sure wish I could find it (time, inspiration or whatever) in me to get the words out faster! :-)

  3. Brenda - It surprised me as well. It may have been fast, but I'm sure that it needs a lot of work to make it presentable.
    It's good you are having fun writing. It'll show in your work :o)

    E.D. - The good thing is that you finished it. Apparantly there are more people who don't finish their novels and even more who never start :o)