Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Comprehensive Report

The response time for my comprehensive report from Cornerstones was between three and five weeks.  At exactly four weeks, it arrived.
Since my meeting with Eva, I was now aware that I needed to employ show not tell in my manuscript, and after some reflection, I knew that I should be ending my chapters on page turners, rather than round off each chapter.
Knowing that it’s very difficult to take criticsim from someone about work that you’ve poured a lot of yourself into, I braced myself for a bit of a kicking.
It turns out that I didn’t need to.
The report said I “have an intriguing, original idea at the heart of your novel, Iain, and you clearly have a good imagination. I enjoyed reading your story and think it shows potential although, as mentioned, there are some ways in which you could enhance your writing so that your work will stand out amongst the many submissions, which agents and publishers receive each day”
The report was very structured, and offered explanations on areas that needed improvement along with suggested ideas to assist me in heading in the right direction.  I can honestly say that the service I have received has been top class, and I am now fired up to re-tackle my manuscript with a new insight into what I hope will make it a gripping read.

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