Thursday, 25 August 2011

Spread The Word

Following my chat with Jane, I gave Spread The Word a call to see if they could help.
Still under the msitaken belief that my work was good enough to eget published, I made an appointment with their Writer Development Manager, Eva Lewin.  She would be able to help me with my synopsis and cover letter so that I stood the best chance possible of getting noticed when I sent my manuscript out, and to help her prepare for the meeting, she asked me to send a sample of my cover letter, synopsis and the first chapter of my manuscript.
With a growing excitement, and a hint of trepidation, I met with Eva.
The best way I can describe the meeting is… WOW!  She gave me pointers on both the Synopsis and Cover letter, and they will help tremendously.  Then came the bonus.  Although it wasn’t part of the meeting, or what I had paid for, she had read the first chapter, and gave me some pointers on it.
Show, don’t tell.  A concept that I wasn’t really aware of.  A whole new way of drawing in the reader, and allowing them to experience the story in a more intimate way.  What an eye opener.  I could see the potential in what she was suggesting, and that my work lacked it.  Her final suggestion was that I should consider geting my work professionally edited, and suggested a couple of people who could help.
After a lot of weighing up, I decided to bite the bullet and give Cornerstones a call.  I’ll fill you in on what happened in my next post.

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