Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Editing order?

I’m always unsure what areas to tackle first when I start to editing my MS.  If I get it wrong, I’m probably going to be making more work for myself in the long run.
Do I tackle the obvious issues like perspective?  Should I tweak the plot? Look at the Active/passive sentence structure?
Maybe there isn’t a right way.  They are all going to have to be addressed at some point.
It feels like I should address any plot issues first, as this will involve re-writing portions of the story.  It seems daft to polish the prose, only to bin them for a piece that tightens the plot.
Do you have a way that works for you?


  1. the first time editing i check the story, that timelines work, etc. then i remove unnecessary back stoy, then check headhopping and liven up verbs - less was. now i'm getting closer to my 3rd person pov, thanks to beta reader #1. next i'll see what another beta thinks =) all the while making notes of what to work on next. i hate having to do so many edits, but i guess thats part of writing!

  2. Iain, I love you and you make me laugh whenever you comment on my blog so I gave you a blog award!!!

  3. Tara - Wow! Thanks for such a terrific breakdown. You make it seem so simple. :o)

    Erin - Wohoo! Thank you! I'm glad you like the posts.
    Looks like I'm going to have to put up a virtual shelf for the award. Know any good virtual DIY stores?