Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Reality Vs Iain: The fight back

You may recall my run in with reality, where it decided to make a point by showing that falling satellites don’t leave half a mile wide craters, and therefore can’t be used as a means of creating terror.
This left me with a problem with the plot of the new MS I was about to start.  You can imagine the scenario:-
Bad Guys : Do what we say, or we’ll crash satellites into your cities.
World Governments: No!  We’re issuing our townsfolk with hard hats, so there!
Bad Guys: Damn!
As you can see, it’d be a rather short story.
Reality 1 – Iain 0
Now for the good news, where I tell Reality to stop mucking me about, and go and pick on someone else’s plot. 
There are anti-satellite satellites.  Various military parties have looked into being able to take out satellites by parking their own satellite, which is packed full of explosives, next to their target and then blowing it up.  If the bad guys were to cause these to crash into a city, then I’m sure that there would be a mile wide crater. 
Reality 1 – Iain 1
The good bit is, that Reality can’t contradict me, as these are all top secret satellites, and officially don’t exist.
Reality 1 – Iain 2
After Reality had stuck its nose into my story and told me that I couldn’t use this idea, I was forced to start dreaming up a new idea.  I started brainstorming (ok, it was just storming) and I came up with a new outline for a book.  This means that I now have a sequel, and a follow on from that.
Reality 1 – Iain 3
I think it’s time to quit giving Reality a hard time now, before it decides to get its own back.
P.S. I apologise if it’s your plot that Reality has picked on instead.


  1. Hopefully Carrie.
    I'm sure Reality has something up it's sleeve for later. lol