Monday, 31 October 2011

Typing like crazy

I've been frantically typing up the first set of revisions to my MS in time for Peggy's NaNoReviMo but I fear I'm on a losing battle.
I'm close to finishing them, and this time I've done it in record time, but I will probably be a day late.
And, that bugs me.  I'll be a day behind even before I've started!
Then again, I haven't set a target yet.
Maybe I can use that as my first day's work.  Set a target of what I want to achieve. :o)


  1. Good luck, Iain! Don't worry. We're all in the same NaNoReviMo boat. (Let's just hope it's not up a creek without a paddle!) ;)

  2. Carrie - Thanks! Have you started yet? Knowing your luck with wild animals, I'm just hoping that there aren't sharks or alligators circling the boat ;o)