Monday, 10 October 2011

An up hill struggle

For once, I found that I had some free time this weekend.  If you're like me, then free time is more rare than a rare thing that's really rare. (or something like that)
What to do with this spare time was a no brainer.  It's uninterrupted editing time. 
There were still things that cropped up which managed to interrupt the flow, but I managed to side step majority of these.  The main problem I had while editing, was that I could see the faults, but didn't really know if the changes I was making were making it any better.
Am I just re-writing the sentence in another passive way?  Is the story any stronger with the amendments?  The more I thought about this, the more the doubts crept in. 
In the end, I had to stop.
Maybe I just need to make the changes, and then look at them afterwards, and see how it reads then. 
Maybe I'll surprise myself.


  1. I get that feeling sometimes too-- I'm I really making the book better? Perspective helps a lot, as does having someone read the revision who also read the original. Good luck with the editing!

  2. I think that all the time. Sometimes I think I make my book worse. Ugh. How am I to know I'm not just writing more and more poop?

  3. I think editing too long can fuzz the brain. It feels like everything you try to do is ineffective. Good idea giving it a break. A fresh mind will help you keep your writing sharp and clean.

  4. Shallee - Good idea. I'll have to think who I can get to have a read, once I've hacked at it a bit more :o)

    Erin - You'd have to write poop in the first place before you can write more poop. Somehow I don't think that's the case ;o)

    Emily - I think you are right. Maybe I'll stick to writing rather than editing next time I get some free time :o)

  5. Oh goodness. I hate that feeling. It's so discouraging, isn't it? Taking a break usually helps. It's easier to spot problems with "fresh eyes".

    Best of luck with those edits! :)

  6. Carry - you were right. Looking at it with fresh eyes worked. Thanks for the support :o)

  7. Oh, editing. :P A love/hate relationship if you ask me. I tend to get burnt out when I edit too much. Like every single day. I have to take a break or I'll go crazy. Usually I write something else one night and go back to my editing the next night. Don't get down on yourself. Editing is hard. You see all your flaws and mistakes and think you'll never amount to everything. I've been there. Actually, I'm there right now! lol It's not fun, but once you push past all the crap, you'll see the story you fell in love with again. Good luck!!! :)

  8. Chantelle - You are so right. There is a great story there, that's why I was impelled to write it in the first place. Thanks for your support :o)