Thursday, 27 October 2011

Second opinion

My son injured his wrist seven weeks ago in the first footy match of the season.  We spent 3 hours up at Casualty before they decided that he'd pulled the ligaments.  Being the goalkeeper, this meant that he couldn't play for six weeks.  He finally got to play again last weekend.
Yesterday, we got a call from the hospital.  They'd had another look at his x-ray and decided that he had a fracture, and could we bring him back, so that they could have another check, and make sure that it had healed properly.
Two hours later, they decided that it had healed as expected, and he is fine.

What I want to know, is why can't Lit Agencies behave like this.  How good would it be if they called me and said that they had made a mistake, and could they see my manuscript again, as they now realise that it's really good.

Well.... I can dream can't I?


  1. I'm still hoping for the same sort of luck. But like I said, next time you query just remind them we're blog besties...and you'll snag an agent.

  2. I said as much on your Queries post the other day Erin :o)
    I know what you mean about hoping for the luck. I always say: One of these days, my ship will come in. Knowing my luck, I'll probably be at the airport :o|

  3. I'm glad to hear your son is better! As for agents, that'd be fantastic. ;) If only...

  4. Thanks Carrie. He's as tough as old boots. :o)
    I'm gonna keep hoping about the second opinion, just in case.

  5. LOL! Oh, Iain, this made my day! Yes! Why can't they be like that? Wouldn't it be wonderful!

  6. Glad you liked it Abby :o)