Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Fairy Story

After yesterday's post causing so much confusion, I thought I'd clarify a few things before I start.
I'm not sure about where you are, but in the UK, Christmas trees can be topped with either a star, or a fairy.
Yes, a fairy.  One of those little mythical things with wings that Peter Pan hung around with.

This is the story about why we have a fairy on the top of a Christmas tree.
(The above part of this entry is true, the rest…. Well, I'll let you make your mind up for yourselves.)

It all started during the build up to Christmas.  Santa was in an incredibly foul mood.  One of the reindeer had gone lame, and the runners on his sleigh had a couple of untreatable patches of rust.  To add to his misery, he could feel the beginning symptoms of 'Man Flu' creeping up on him.
To top things off, just when he was thinking that things couldn't get any worse, the head of the Elf Union passed him a note advising that he Elves would be going on strike as from Midnight.  This sent him into new unexplored depths of rage.
Just then, a fairy came in the room.  "Hey Santa, what should I do with this tree?"


  1. Laughing once again. We have the same story, it's just an angel that comes in the room to help, not a fairy. ;0)

  2. This was awesome!

    I just read the comments on the last post, and I am DYING. Those were hilarious! My first born is taking German as a second language. My second son is taking Chinese starting next year. My nine year old daughter told me she wants to learn British. :o) I'm not sure they have that at the junior high school...

  3. Jenny - It's a great story isn't it. I'm glad this didn't get lost in translation too.

    Peggy - British is a difficult one to learn. You might have to accompany her to a specialist school called England. (Combine it with a book signing tour) ;o)