Monday, 5 December 2011

It's a mystery

The other week, we went to a murder mystery dinner.  Not the sort that you host yourself and invite your mates round to (although these are great fun), but one in a restored 17th Century country house and actors.
The evening progressed through the usual stages of champagne in the Library, where we met the characters and they sowed the seeds for the coming events of the evening. 
We then went into the dining hall and progressed with the meal. After the first course, there was the reading of the Will, with various (expected) upsets with people storming off, and the sound of shots being fired.  One of the characters then came running in exclaiming that there had been a murder!

Having been assured that the police were on the way, and that the cook would be upset if we didn't carry on, we progressed with the second course.
While we were waiting for the third course, the cast came back in and wandered from table to table where we could question them about the events, rumours we'd heard, where they were, etc.
After the questioning, we filled in a form saying who we thought the murderer was, and had to give three reasons why.
At the end of the evening, they announced the top three tables in reverse order. And…
Yes, you guessed it…
We were the only ones who got all three clues correct!  Our cleverness was rewarded with a bottle of champagne.

The odd thing about the evening was that, although the evening was incredibly enjoyable when taking it at face value, a part of me was analysing the event from a writing point of view.  Studying the characters, the back story that they gradually revealed, the setting of the plot by announcing of the reading of the Will, etc.
Maybe that’s how we spotted the clues.  Maybe I'm barking mad!  Who knows.
And yes, these pictures are of Danson House where the meal was held.


  1. Fun times! That place looks incredible. Good job for getting all the clues!

  2. Thanks Emily. It was a fantastic evening in a perfect setting :o)

  3. That sounds like so much fun! Ah, the writing-brain never shuts off, does it? At least it comes in handy from time to time! :)

  4. Yeah Carrie, it was a scream :o) And a bottle of Champers for working out plots as an added bonus :o)

  5. K, so I've never actually been to one of these mystery dinner things, but I've heard they are great. I wish I was going to one...and in England of all places. Geez Iain, you're so friggin' exotic I can't stand it.

  6. If you get the chance Erin, then you really should do one.
    Exotic? You grew up in Hawaii, how can you call musty old England Exotic? ;o)

  7. Great post...nice blog.



  8. Thanks for visiting Elizabeth :o)