Thursday, 1 December 2011

Last lines

One of the fun things about NaNoRevMo was putting the last line edited.
Here are a few of the lines I finished on during the month:

The Crimson Hide were making a lot of headlines recently with their animal liberation activities, and this one looked like it was going to be the biggest one yet.

T.D. watched the little tendrils of electricity snaking over her unconscious body, before earthing into the floor, seconds later.

The key rattled in the door as he locked it, and then he disappeared.

He frowned at the contents.Initially, it looked like a wet suit, but on closer inspection, the material was wrong.

He waited for the guard to patrol to the far end of the gate, and using the drain pipe, scaled the gate in seconds, dropping silently onto the far side.

With a quick swipe of the stolen card, the magnetic door lock gave a muted 'thunk' as it released.  He was through to the main entrance hall of the Embassy.

"Get off me!  I'm innocent, someone set me up!"  He looked at Steve, searching his face for a hint that he knew T.D. was innocent.  "You gotta believe me, it wasn't me."

The smile returned.  "You too, huh?"

They cowered down low, winceing as the pieces of lead zipped past, close to their heads.

He flipped open the folder and pushed it towards T.D.

A car was already waiting for them at the bottom of the plane's steps.

"Go! Go! Go!"  Large crashed through the door, and the press of bodies behind him,surged fowards, making the most of the surprise raid.


  1. Yay! It's like a NaNoReviMo recap. Nice work, Iain. :)

  2. Thanks Carrie :o)
    How long before NaNoReviSe becomes ReviYe?

  3. Nice sneak peak. :) Keep up the revisions!

  4. Glad you enjoyed them Alexis :o)
    Reading everyone elses last lines was great fun.