Friday, 4 November 2011

Maybe I am a People Person after all.

In the past week, I've had four strangers start conversations with me.
With London tending to be a very insular place, and people tending to keep to themselves, I initially thought that it must be one of the following:
1) They were mad.
2) I looked so miserable that they felt sorry for me.
3) They were mad.
4) They were friendly sociable people
5) They were barking mad!

In the end, I opted for number 5.  Although number 4 was a close second.
These encounters have set me thinking.  When I was younger, I was well disposed to everyone.  I would pass the time of day with anyone who vaguely looked in my direction.  Unfortunately, I've become a bit too wrapped up in my head these days, and was beginning to think that people were there just to annoy me.  In short, I was well on the way to becoming the original Grumpy Old Man.

But now...

If these people are willing to take a risk and chat to me, then maybe I should be doing the same thing.  How can I write characters with depth, if I stick to the same few close friends, and scowl at everyone else who comes near?

Is it too late in the year to start a New Years Resolution?  From now on, I am a People Person again!


  1. Just as you said I don't come off neurotic, you don't come off grumpy. I'm not surprised random people are talking to you. You're one of the most pleasant, balanced blogger-people I know. Thank you for being friendly! Your genuine kindness is appreciated.

  2. Awwww. Thank you :o)
    I think you'll find I'm well balanced because I have a chip on each shoulder. lol

  3. Isn't it funny how chance encounters and interactions can shape our lives? Good luck with your Late Year's Resolution! ;)

  4. You're right Carrie. It probably has more influence than we realise.
    I really like that: Late years Resolution. :o)

  5. Congrats on becoming a people person again! You'll have to let us know how many random people you start conversations with. :)

  6. I had this problem in high school. No one would talk to me because they thought I was always 'barking mad' at them, when really I had no idea I came off so icy. Yikes!

    I'm much better now ;)

    Nice to meet you too! New follower here *waves*

  7. People usually think I'm stuck up before they talk to me. It's because I'm not good at starting conversations. I'm trying to get better at that. Especially with soccer moms and the such.

    Good luck on your New Year's Resolution. BTW, at least in e-mails, you come off as a very nice person. ;0)

  8. Yay for people people. :) I am a big people-person, and I love talking to new people. I once took a road trip where my goal was to get to know as many random people as I could. It was amazing to hear so many incredible life stories. People are amazing!

    Good luck with your new resolution. I hope you have fun with it!

  9. Peggy - Thanks. I'll keep you updated :o)

    Cassie - Thanks for visiting :o)

    Jenny - I don't think of the WriMo gang as strangers, we've all got our writing as a someting in common :o)

    Shallee - I love that everyone has a great stories. You just have to get them talking :o)