Monday, 28 November 2011

Use it or lose it!

I've been concentrating so hard on revisions for the last month that I've hardly written a word.  Up until now, I've either solely written, or I've done a mix of revising and writing during the day.  I have written every day for the last two years, and the two years before then, I wrote nearly every day.  It's part of my routine, and when I settle down to write, it flows quite easily.
About a week ago, I realised that I needed to add a chapter to my WIP.  I could see the piece of story very clearly, but when I sat down to write it, nothing came out.  It seemed to be a mix of being overly critical of every word I typed, rather than letting it flow, and the words not being there for me to type.  Even my ability to write a blog entry had dried up. 
It's taken over a week to get my head back into the place where it needs to be for things to start to flow.  All the ideas were there, so, I'm guessing that I was lucky that my head didn't explode.
I can only conclude from this, that I need to write every day.


  1. I find if I have an idea, my brain needs a bit to get it out. I'm sure it will start flowing for you again.

  2. It's funny the way we all work differently Jenny. It's starting to flow again now that I'm writing daily :o)

  3. I know what you mean! I've been revising all month. When I try to get back into writing mode, I find myself overly critical. It takes a while to warm up, so to speak. :)

  4. Drink a Coke! ha ha. No, just kidding. I know how you feel. If I don't write every day, it's uber hard the next time I get to it.

  5. Oh do I understand! I think my inner editor is on high alert, like I encourage him to be while I'm revising tons, and I can't seem to turn him off to write! Especially when it's been a while since I've written. Sigh.

  6. Oh man - I hate when that happens. I am just getting ready to dive back into my WIP after taking a break to finish some schoolwork (BLAH) and I'm sure this exact thing will happen. *cringe* I'm hoping I can bust through it, but I agree - you are completely right!

  7. Oh yes, that can definitely happen! Just get right back into it and you'll recover.

  8. Carrie - That's exactly it. It takes a bit of work to let go again.

    Erin - Good plan. I take it you have shares in Coke Zero ;o)

    Peggy - I think I need to lock my inner editor away in one of th emany rooms you theorised about.

    Leigh (Abby) - It doesn't take too long, it's just frustrating getting there.

    E.D. - Thanks. I'm much more in the flow today :o)