Friday, 18 November 2011

Plot dilemma

I have a bit of a dilemma with my plot.  In the third book, it will be revealed that someone is a mole.  This isn't the dilemma by the way, it's just background information.  This is the dilemma bit:
In the first book, the bad guys always seem to be one step ahead of the heroes.  My MC suspects that there's a leak in the system allowing them to find out what the heroes are up to.  Should I let him voice this?  I know it's not ideal for books to finish with loose ends, as they are supposed to be able to stand alone - even when they are part of a series.

While I've been typing this, an answer seems to have popped up.  I could have him voice the doubts, but have the boss tell him that he's being paranoid.

What do you think?  A good solution? Or should I just play down the whole thing until the third book?


  1. I think it would be fine to voice the mc's concerns. Especially if the reader will be thinking along the same lines. You don't want someone to be like, 'Um, why is he trusting everyone? Why isn't he more suspicious of you-know-who?' Those kind of things. Then your mc doesn't come off as ignorant, but when the boss eases his mind, it gives the reader and the mc both a false sense of security, making them go, 'I knew it!' when it's revealed.

  2. I totally agree with Cassie. Great job fixing your own problem. Sometimes just voicing my issues helps me solve them. Have a great weekend.

  3. Yes, do it! I think as long as the big issue in the book is taken care of, it's alright for you to leave a few strands unattended to.

  4. Great solution! When the third book comes out, your readers will be like, "Gah! I knew it!" :D

  5. Drop the hint. I think it's good to leave some hangers in a series. That's what keeps them coming back. Yeah - you have to bring closure to some things - some big obstacle needs to be accomplished, but other things won't unravel until the end. Read VARIANT - you'll know what I'm talking about! lol

  6. Cassie - You kind of summed up where I'd arrived at. Thanks for confirming it. :o)

    Jenny - Yeah, voicing it when I was typing the entry showed me what the answer was.

    Erin - The big issue gets resolved completely. It was the little bits that worried me.

    Carrie - I hope that's the reaction :o) Just need to get them published now!

    Abby - I'll go and check Variant out :o)